Tour de Serbie is a stage race, that lasts for five days and rides throughout Serbia.
Tour de Serbie is one of the most prestigious sporting events in our country. It is one of the oldest sporting events in this part of Europe. The race dates back to 1939, when the first competition, under the sponsorship of King Peter II of Karadjordjevic, was organized.
It is an international sports competition with a tradition of 80 years, which gathers the best cyclists from all over the world every year on Serbian roads.

Tour de Serbie

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The race starts from Republika Srpska and ends in Serbia. What is interesting about this event is that riders and their escorts cross the border between these two countries without stopping.

Tour de Serbie

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Modeled by Tour de France's (most prestigious cycling race), from the first race the winner is symbolically handed a yellow T-shirt, the symbol of the leading general placement and the winner of the entire race. In addition to the yellow T-shirt, during each stage, the best competitors are also awarded with T-shirts for the fastest passing goals, hill goals, as well as T-shirts for the best young driver under 23, the best team and the most combative driver.

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